Protect yourself

iProtectYou aims to prevent violence and calls for help.

Enhance your personal safety and the safety of your loved ones with your mobile phone. The application aims to deter an assailant and simultaneously sends an instant alarm to an unlimited number of people.

The statistics predict that one out of three women around the world will experience sexual assault or even rape in their lifetime. In South Africa one in three high school graduates was already a victim of rape.
iProtectYou can help to discourage an assailant or to escape. It is useful in any situation where you are threatened, want to quickly take a photo and want to save this photo immediately somewhere else, or need to alert as many people as possible. The photo and the coordinates of your location are instantly received by family members, friends, neighbours or your security service. They also must have the app installed.
iProtectYou does it all with a single tap of the launch icon and warns an attacker with a loud voice message that his picture has been sent. The user of IProtectYou can literally have an unlimited number of saviours.  Alerts are being send to iPhones and Android based phones. The instant notification feature requires an internet connection. If no internet connection is available, the app offers sending a pre-composed SMS with the current location coordinates.

iProtectYou is useful in any situation where you need to send your present location to your family members or friends instantly!


How it works

You need to enter your mobile phone number and the number of a person you are willing to help. This person must also have the app installed (or the free version) and insert your number in the helper section. All other settings are optional.

Once you have touched the iProtectYou start symbol, the following happens:

  • The flash light is switched on to blind a potential attacker, thus getting you a chance to escape or to defend yourself.
  • The phone is shooting a photo. Within 5 seconds the picture and the coordinates of your current location are sent to all people who care about you. Your phone will confirm with a loud voice message that the photo has been sent. (You may record your own voice message in your countries language.)
  • Your rescuers are receiving an alert message with a very distinctive alert sound almost instantly. After they have opened the notification, the photo will be displayed on their phone (iPhone and Android) or tablet and they can see your present location on a map with an average accuracy of about 10m (30 ft). They can also see the direction to the incident location on a map.
  • A rescuer can also copy the location coordinates with the touch of a button and paste the coordinates into an email or a navigation system.

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